Year of manufacture: 2009
Refurbished: 2017
Capacity: 9 seats
Cruise Speed: 850 km/h (554 m/h)
Range: 5741 km
Cabin height: 1.86 m (73 in)



Name: Fernando Jurado

Position: Captain pilot CL300

Certification: atp(a) easa faa cl300 license
Trainings: tcas, lvto, first aid kit, volcanic ash, rvsm, security, thunderstorm avoidance, air law, performance, wake turbulence, special airports, rnp, rnav approaches, cold weather, noise abatement, fire and protection, eset, crm and some more
Hobby: Running, working out, reading, going out with friends and family.

Name: Freddy Ricardo Yañez Van Kuijk

Position: First Officer challenger 300

Qualification: Rvsm, special airports, winter operation etc
Trainings: EASA ATPL pilot training.
Hobby: I love spending time with my family and friends and riding horse and swimming.

Name: Ivan Colome

Position: Pilot YR-TRC

Qualification: PIC Pilot rated on CL-300 aircraft series
Certification: All required training issues for complying with all my duties as EASA crew member such as Alps special airports ratings,RVSM,ACAS,CFIT,CRM,MNPS among others.

Hobby: Doing sports and reading history books

Name: Cristina Stuparu

Position: Cabin Crew

Qualification: Flight Attendant
Certification: Cabin Crew Attestation issued in accordance with Port – CC, issuing body : Omni Aviation Training Center LDA. Portugal
Trainings: Security course & Firefight training; English B2, Russian C2, Romanian C2, Portuguese C2, Spanish A2

Hobby: discovering the world :))) ( new people, new countries & new cultures)

Name: Christopher Grods

Function: Captain, Challenger 300

Qualification: Royal Danish Air Force Officer and Instructor, EASA ATPL pilot license as Captain
Certification: Challenger 300/350 series
Trainings: Security Training, First Aid, Crew Resource Management, Volcanic Activity, Adverse Weather Navigation, UPRT, Wake Turbulence, Special Airports including mountainous regions, Winter Operations, Low Visibility Procedures, GPS Approaches, RVSM, MNPS, ACAS, CFIT
Some words about your hobby, about the place that you like to visit etc. 🙂 I enjoy working on vintage cars, currently on a Chevrolet C10 StepSide from 1968 -I am also quite active in my spare time with fitness, snowboarding and downhill mountain biking

Name: Violeta Scutaru

Position: Cabin Crew

Qualification: Flight Attendant
Certification: Cabin Crew Attestation, Cabin Crew Instructor Certificate
Trainings: Aviation security, handling of dangerous goods, First Aid medical training, Customers service, Firefighting training, ditching training
Hobby: Yoga, Music, Travel and Poetry