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Cargo services

Whether it is about a medical cargo or other special goods that need to be urgently and safely delivered to a specific destination, our cargo services are an excellent option for time critical transports. Also, for sensitive goods, we provide specialist skills and a comprehensive understanding of all classes and shipping guidelines. In this case, specific procedures and special transportation conditions shall be applied accordingly.
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We offer extensive options for our private jet services.Our team and our aircraft flight schedule is 24*7, with a destination map stretching to hundreds of cities from Romania and most European countries.

CAMO services

You can take advantage of our CAMO system and intelligently get rid of the restraint of always being on top of the ever-changing compliance requirements! TOYO AVIATION is approved as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) by the Romanian CAA, authorization no. RO.CAMO.0042. This qualifies us to manage the airworthiness compliance to the aircrafts from our fleet, by issuing and extending airworthiness review certificates (ARC).
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Aircraft management

Don’t let your most valuable asset become a burden for you! Get the best out of it by letting TOYO AVIATION to manage it while staying hassle free. By submitting your aircraft to our management services, you can fully enjoy your privately owned aircraft any time you please, you can also turn your investment into a profit source, while letting us handle the hard part for you. You can stay assured that our commercial and operational team shall help you gain a great return from your ownership by chartering your aircraft. Just to mention, our aircraft has one of the highest average of flight hours within the industry!