Year of manufacture: 2009
Capacity: 13
Cruise Speed: 850 km/h
Range: 6297 km / 3400 nm (4 pax)
Cabin height: 1.82 m (6 ft)
Airframe: 1870 hrs by June 2017



Name: Jose Vicente Gomez Zulueta

Position: Pilot citation c560 xls+

Qualification: Airline transport pilot licence (atpl(a)); Instructor c560 xl/xls (tri)
Certification: Flight crew licence
Trainings: Licence proficiency check
Hobby: Spending time with family, doing sport and eating good food.

Name: Gerald Zeller

Function: Commander

Qualification: Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL (A))
Certification: Flight Crew License
Trainings: Type Ratings: EMB135, C56XL, recurring annual trainings and checks like LPC, OPC, CBTs
Hobby: Flying over 20 years, likes to spend time with the family, likes to ski and cycle, hates hot humidity.

Name: Francisco Herrera

Qualification: PIC EMB135L
Hobby: Enjoy with the family (I have one son), I live next to the sea, I enjoy a lot go to the beach and read historical books.