Year of manufacture: 2011
Refurbished: 2019
Capacity: 8 seats
Cruise Speed: 815 km/h (441 m/h)
Range: 3441 km
Cabin height: 1.72 m (68 in)



Name: Juan José Muñoz Selvi

Position: First Officer Citation XLS+

Qualification: Airline transport pilot, Aviation auditor
Certification: Flight crew license
Trainings: Pilot proficency check
Hobby: Doing sport, traveling, going out with my friends and meeting new people, one of my dreams is visiting other planet.

Name: Alejandro Podscharly Comes

Position: Co-pilot Citation XLS

Qualification: Commercial pilot licence (cpl(a))
Certification: BBA – bachelor in bussines administration
Trainings: dangerous goods, eset
Hobby: Spending time with family, playing tennis, riding motorcycles and bicycle, reading books.

Name: Alina Urmaker

Position: Flight Attendant XLS+

Qualification: Moscow international institute of state and corporate governance – specialty: human resource management
Certification: Panaviatic MIA flight school- flight attendant for business aviation.
Trainings: Panaviatic MIA flight school- safety training for flight crew, first aid, sommelier course for beginners, CRM, Luxury service training (Moscow), time-management training (Moscow), Business administration (Estonian business school), Antony Robbins- unleash the power within (London).
Hobby: I am passionate by travelling, love beauty industry (working as a make-up artist for pleasure), reading, sport, ski, love to spend time with friends and my family etc.

Name: Alberto Pablo Silvestre

Position: First Officer Citation XLS+

Qualification: Airline transport pilot (ATPL)
Certification: Flight crew license, BBA – bachelor in Economy
Trainings: Type Ratings: C56XL
Hobby: Doing sport, traveling, riding motorcycles