Our Fleet

Embraer Legacy 600, YR-IGP

Year of manufacture: 2009
Capacity: 13 seats
Range: 6297 km

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Cessna CJ4, YR-TRK

Year of manufacture: 2019
Capacity: 9 seats
Range: 4010 km

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Challenger 300, YR-TRC

Year of manufacture: 2009
Capacity: 9 seats
Range: 5741 km

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Cessna XLS+, YR-TYA

Year of manufacture: 2011
Capacity: 8 seats
Range: 3441 km

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Cessna M2, YR-TAR

Year of manufacture: 2017
Capacity: 6 seats
Range: 2870 km

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5.000 +
Happy customers and their feedback!
“Thank you very much for operated flight! Everything was excellent as always!!
It is really pleasure to work with you.
Thank you.”
“Thank you very much!
It’s always a pleasure to work with you!


“Dear Gabriela, Dear Veronica,
Thank you so much!
It so great to work with you!
Best regards,”
“Thank you very much for your trust and hope to be working with you guys in the future. It was really a pleasure dealing with you.

With best regards from Berlin,”

“Thank you very much for the excellent service,
Thank you and hopefully we can do more flights together in the future.
Best regards,”
“Thanks to all of your team for a nice flight !”
Am very very happy ! 🙂
Thanks a lot dear team !
I am grateful to you for this wonderful flight! 🙂
Hope the next time we could do more flights together! 🙂
Best regards,”
“Many thanks Nina to you and your colleagues, it was a pleasure to deal with.”
“Now my turn for feedback:
Pax was a bit tired but looked happy.
He thanked me for providing such nice aircraft with very professional crew.
So many thanks to you and all your team involved.”
“Thank You for smooth and professional flight performance!!!

Best regards,”

“Thank you very much for your help and positive feedback.
Pax just texted me and told me that she was indeed happy.
Have a nice evening and up to the next ;-)”
“Great pleasure working with you team. Thanks again for all.
Until next time!
Thank you! Have good evening!”
“Your FA Marina is very professional and so kind!
Very nice to work with professionals


“We would like to thank you of the great assistance today.
You were super helpful, even if in the middle of you Christmas party.
Everything was flawless, fast and smoot. The customer service… absolutely perfect!
We will count on you for our requests on Romania.
Wish you a very good day!
Kind regards,”
“Excellent service 🙂 better then so many :)”
“First of all let me say personal thank you for a very well performed flight. I did not expect such activeness and speed in terms of passing information. It really helps to coordinate everything and keep everything under control with such a good help from your side. Not many operators work same way, so, I`m looking forward to having next flight with you.”
“Many thanks
Very impressed by your company and  your feedback !
Hope to work soon with you again
Thank you for your help, excellent service guys thanks.
Best regards,”
“Just perfect, amazing and unbelievable!! This is original true non scheduled asap operation.
Without much modesty, you`re the best operator since I`m almost 8 years in this business.
Hope we would proceed like this till LGIR landing, actually I`m pretty sure it`s going to be so 🙂
Sincerely yours,”
“Thank you so much.
Every time it’s a pleasure for me to work with you!
Wish you good weekend 😊”
“You are brilliant as always:) thank YOU so much!!!!”
“I want to take the opportunity and say „Thank you“ to the whole team. Especially as we haven’t worked together before, I have been optimistic, but to be honest not really sure, that everything will run smoothly. You have the converse proven! It was a pleasure working with you and I will spread the word within ProAir! Hope to fly with Toyo very soon again!”
“FA is lovely:) and you guys are super professionals as always:)”
“Thank You very much for perfect flight performance!
Best regards,”
“Dear Andreea, I can not stop saying how marvelous, excellent, perfectly well, great, awesome, brilliant, amazing, splendid, magnificent and fantastic to work with you all J My pleasure J
Thanks a lot!
Have a lovely day!
Best regards and Lovely Summer”