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TOYO AVIATION has been established in 2007 from the necessity of a business man to travel fast, with short time notice and on routes not directly covered by existing airliners.

The ambitious plan to create services on a segment merely known in Romania came to reality in 2009 when the company acquired the first aircraft. Since then, it was continuously growing to become the first choice travel solution for business, leisure trips or urgent deliveries (medical cargo, different important parcels, urgent parts for aircrafts etc).

Currently, Toyo Aviation operates three VIP configured aircrafts, with operations in Europe, North Africa and Middle East: Bombardier Challenger 300 (year of manufacture 2009), Cessna C560 XLS+ (year of manufacture 2011), Cessna C510 Mustang (year of manufacture 2013).

Toyo Aviation is already well known in international aviation industry. We are proud to list among our passengers: Romanian Presidency and officials, international officials, politicians, bankers, business men, writers, musicians, models, sportsmen.

Our goal is to create the same awareness in Romania and to offer our high level services in our home country too: efficiency, privacy, safety and excellent organization of each flight; fast reaction to any request, as our operations team is 24/24, 7/7 on duty; time saving: • no restriction for flight date and hour; • we can depart within 2 hours from confirmation of flight; • no line waiting for security check – our passengers can arrive only 15 minutes before take off; • Ad hoc change of flight schedule, time or destination, according to passengers’ needs; more destinations than airliners – our aircrafts can land in airports restricted for big aircrafts; exquisite service on board, VIP lounge included where available in all airports.

Our mission is to achieve customers’ passion for flying with us and to create long lasting partnerships.

Toyo Aviation team includes specialized, experienced and well trained professionals, focused to create a beautiful flight experience.

We are always preoccupied to increase business, but our main concern is the safety and comfort of our passengers, smooth and reliable operations.

You don’t have to be a true celebrity to feel like a VIP!